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Dyllis Minang

Front Cover of the book Fighting the Good Fight
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My Story

Dyllis Minang is a relationship facilitator and an advocate for strong families. Born in Cameroon and now based in the United States, Dyllis celebrates 20 years of marriage with her husband, Jacob, and their vibrant family of seven children.


Her journey as an immigrant and a mother in a blended family, along with her profound Christian faith, has fueled her passion for enriching relationships and strengthening families. Inspired by the Holy Spirit and the Blessed Virgin Mary, Dyllis has written a transformative 52-weeks Christian devotional on marriage. This work, a harmonious blend of wisdom, compassion, and practical guidance, serves as an essential resource for couples striving to grow together in faith and love.

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As a couple who has journeyed through various ups and downs, 'Fighting the Good Fight' was a beacon of light for us. This book, with its insightful weekly devotionals, has not only strengthened our faith but also brought us closer together. Each chapter resonated deeply, prompting meaningful conversations and a renewed commitment to our marriage. Dyllis Minang's eloquent blend of spiritual wisdom and practical guidance has been invaluable. We are truly grateful for how this book has enriched our relationship and recommend it wholeheartedly to any couple seeking to deepen their bond through faith

Lia and Dan,


In the press
Book Signing
Jul 03, 2035, 7:00 PM
The Little Book Store,
500 Terry A Francois Blvd, San Francisco, CA 94158, USA
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